Year 13 CAS
Charity Trip to Nepal
2nd – 10th October 2014
Doha British School
We deliver the National Curriculum of England
from Pre-School to IGCSE and in the Sixth Form
International Baccalaureate Diploma.
Schools evolve and change in character and appearance.
Our school has certainly changed in appearance
from a villa with a small number of children
to a state of the art facility housing almost 1,400 pupils.
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School Facilities
At Doha British School we have a range of new,
high quality facilities starting with interactive
whiteboards and fully equipped ICT suites.
Swimming Pool; Games Pitch/ Running Track;
Courts; Gymnasium; Multi-purpose Hall;
Libraries; Design and Technology Work Shop;
Music; Science Laboratories.
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IB Diploma Programme
DBS is an International Baccalaureate (IB) world
School and, as such has been authorised to offer
the IB Diploma Programme since September 2010.
IB is best suited to preparing pupils for study
at the very highest level providing them with the intellectual breadth,
depth and skills needed for employment beyond university.
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Extra Curricular Activities
Our Extra Curricular Activities programme
is an established part of school life.
On average, we have 50 activities taking place each week.
We aim to ensure that all pupils from Year 2 and above
have an opportunity to take part in 2 activities per week
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F1 in Schools
Vortex Racing the 2014 Qatar National Champions!
See you in Abu Dhabi!

Abu Dhabi
World Finals
16 - 19th November 2014.
Save the Date!
Welcome to Doha British School

Doha British School is celebrating 16 years of excellence this year. We opened in 1997 as a Primary School and have grown to become a fully inclusive 3–18 school. We deliver the National Curriculum of England from Pre-School to iGCSE and in the Sixth Form we deliver the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Our Vision

To be a vibrant, welcoming international school that provides a first class education enabling pupils to thrive within a dynamic, global environment.

Our Mission

To prepare all pupils through a relevant, challenging curriculum and well-resourced facilities, to become lifelong learners contributing to a global community.

Our Objectives

Every child to develop the skills, knowledge and aptitude to reach their full potential; To feel welcome, safe and secure, happy and a valued member of the community; To benefit from the highest standards of teaching, curriculum and facilities.

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity;

Family and Community;


Tenacity, Sense of Purpose and Self-awareness


Through an increasing understanding of other cultures, our pupils will develop an appreciation of the importance of the interdependence of people and communities throughout the world.

Message from the Principal

Terry McGuire - Terry McGuire

It is a great privilege to be the Principal of Doha British School. I have known this school since it was founded in 1997 and have watched it grow and develop into a 3 to 18 school (pre-school to IB Diploma) serving the needs of a diverse community. Economic growth and development in Qatar are rapid. The rate of change here reflects that of the global economy.

It is our fundamental responsibility to equip our children to thrive in a world that we can’t predict, anticipate or understand. In order to do so we will ensure that all of our children are regarded as unique, each with different abilities, strengths, attributes and characteristics.They will be challenged to achieve the very best that they possibly can.

A significant strength of this school is the exceptional relationship enjoyed between governors, management, teachers, parents and pupils.

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Stars of the Week

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Teacher giving the award Student receiving award Year/ Tutor group IB Learner Profile
C. Garcia Asma Mohammed 7M Inquirer
A. Kalotheou Lolwa Al Fadala 8B Caring
Mrs. W. Taylor Alberto Moran 9D Thinker
Katherine Milton Robin Crouse 10M Inquirer
Teacher giving the award Student receiving award Year/ Tutor group IB Learner Profile
A.Kalotheou Raphael Manzo 7S Inquirer
J. Flintoft Jordan Fothergill 8S Risk-taker
K. Bloomer Roufaidah Tabet 9D Risk-taker
M. Brewer Al Hussein El Rayah 10D Inquirer
J. Moyes Rawa Osman,
Lina Ben,
Haj Rhouma,
Hisham Ashour,
Sagar Sharma
12 Risk Takers
Teacher giving the award Student receiving award Year/ Tutor group IB Learner Profile
Ms. Tully Lian Duan 7D Communication
Ms. Taylor Amina Aden Year 12 Knowledgeable
Ms. Taylor Shaun Brooke 9D Enquirer
Ms. Taylor Amaan Mohammed 10D Reflective
Ms. Kostyrova Alina Khan 8M Thinker